JC Blade M2 / M3s Trigger - Open Source - FREE Download!

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The JC Blade trigger was designed by DYE engineer John Chambers. A simple yet effective trigger design. The Blade trigger is the perfect trigger for players who prefer undefined finger placement and a flat smooth surface.  This gives the player the ability to move their fingers up and down the blade to find the sweet spot. The heavy radius on the trigger face and smooth surface provides quick pull and release with every touch of your fingers. 

     DYE has released M series trigger concepts as open source files for free download in an effort to find out what design offers the best performance for you the player.  These trigger designs are drop in replacements for the stock M2 and M3s trigger. The designs have additional support struts to prevent flex or bend so the trigger files are ready for 3-D printing in either PLA or ABS.  STL files are supplied when downloaded.

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